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Seven Lakes Zhang-Z Neg
Seven Lakes Zhang-Z Aff
Seven Lakes
Oakton Zhu-Yoon Aff
Oakton Zhu-Yoon Neg
Oakton Spicer-Yoon Aff

Valencia Patel-Naeem Neg
Valencia Patel-Naeem Aff

Duchesne Academy

Anderson Canyon-Canyon  Neg
Anderson Builta-Canyon Aff
Anderson Builta-Canyon Neg

Anderson Canyon-Canyon  Aff
Anderson DylanCanyon-Canyon Neg
Anderson DylanCanyon-Canyon Aff
Valley International Adelstein-Palluck Neg
Valley International Adelstein-Palluck Aff
Valley International
Silver Creek

Southlake Carroll Bethi-Boyapati Neg
Montgomery Blair Tang-Keshav Aff
Montgomery Blair Tang-Keshav Neg
Montgomery Blair

AM Consolidated Deutz-Satish Neg
AM Consolidated Deutz-Satish Aff
AM Consolidated

Saint Michael Albertville Albrecht-Szymanski Neg
Saint Michael Albertville Albrecht-Szymanski Aff
Saint Michael Albertville

Anderson Foster-Karchmer Neg

Saint Marys Hall
Saint Marys Hall GO TO TEXAS-GO TO TEXAS Aff
Saint Marys Hall GO TO TEXAS-GO TO TEXAS Neg
Vista Ridge
Langham Creek

Lakeville Hentges-Sciamanda Neg
Lakeville Hentges-Sciamanda Aff
Lakeville Gerlach-Nomeland Neg
Lakeville Gerlach-Nomeland Aff

Anderson Foster-Karchmer Aff
Mcdowell Pendleton-Brobst Neg
Mcdowell Pendleton-Brobst Aff
Cypress Bay Aristizabal-Morrill Aff
Cypress Bay Aristizabal-Morrill Neg
Cypress Bay

Southlake Carroll Bethi-Boyapati Aff
Southlake Carroll Subramanian-Suri Neg
Southlake Carroll Subramanian-Suri Aff
Southlake Carroll
Southlake Carroll Kurapati-Mohsin Neg
Southlake Carroll Kurapati-Mohsin Aff

Westwood Singh-Kulkarni Neg
Westwood Singh-Kulkarni Aff
Westwood Lai-Rajesh Neg
Westwood Lai-Rajesh Aff

Lovejoy Carll-Mehta Neg
Lovejoy Carll-Mehta Aff

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